Your sanity tied l(   ) s ely in a bow

How does it feel to know

You are les s powerful than a dru g

Less real than a b ump on the head

That the .self. you. identified. with

Does not identify with you? Crank

Or tighten life’s screws dis lo d g e

The that holdyoutogether

Ooze. ( )pen this fragile existence

F-r the dis com bob ulat ed spectator

Keep askingwhy it makes youfeel

Prickly.The shrink wants to know

Your aptitude presupposes zealous

Tendencies. You like the straight-

Lines with power to secure a .self

Dis-joint-ed in its inherent be-ing.

Is a broke-n identity hazardous? I

Want to know, Iwanttoknow, I wan