I’ll publish a proper, new post within the next week but, for now, a few words as to where I’ve been.

1) I’ve been on vacation — visiting the in-laws in California. See, that was easy.

2) I’ve also been taking on freelance, editing work. I’ve learned a lot about writing by editing other peoples work. It’s been an interesting way to make a few dollars.

3) I’ve been having one of those bi-monthly crises of faith wherein, I dissect all of my life choices in an attempt to figure out where I’ve gone wrong and why I don’t have all the answers yet. If you’ve been spared from this terrible disease of self-doubt and insecurity, please consider donating your sperm / eggs. The world could use more people like you.

As an aside, has anyone else been having problems with their WP follows? It seems like I have to keep re-following people that I know I’ve followed before.

If you’re reading this and wondering why I so rudely unfollowed you, please rest assured, I did not! I’m hoping WP resolves the glitch soon. In the meantime, please excuse me if I continue to pop-up in your feed as a new follower.

If anyone knows of a fix, please do share!